Meet Adam & Stephanie Epp, the husband/wife duo behind AE Media Inc.

We love simplicity.

The internet is busy and full of noise, and we believe that when you keep things simple and meaningful you’ll stand out in the crowd.

We also love small business. Creative entrepreneurs who are doing innovative things make us smile! And smiling is our favourite.

You need to sell your products online and we’ve got you covered.

We’re into simple, intuitive e-commerce to make shopping easy for your customers and selling easy for you so you can get back to what you do best, worry-free.

A website is a big deal for your business.

But you already know that. You’re an expert at what you do and while you’re killing it in your industry we’ll be crafting the website of your dreams, making everything *just right* and giving you all the features you need, leaving out all the ones you don’t.

Let us build you the perfect site for your online business.

Work With Us

When we’re not making rad websites, you can find Adam hitting the road checking out cafe and brewery stops on his road bike with the #BikeBros, and Steph with her nose in a book or intensely researching our next adventure! Also, we’re stoked that this business of ours allows us to support MCC. A portion of our profit is donated to their mission: Global Peace, Development and Relief Initiatives in the name of Christ.